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Concrete Piling and Shoring

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Concrete piling is a method used in construction projects to maximize the strength of the foundation of structures and buildings according to the size and the weight of the structure. In this method the ground is drilled to the bed rock or to a certain depth and a concrete pile is anchored to the foundation to prevent sinking and sliding the structure. Concrete Piling and Shoring Sri Lanka

We do all the required drilling and concrete piling services for your future buildings and structures to make them stable on any type of earth. Concrete Piling and Shoring Sri Lanka

Concrete Piling and Shoring

We do shoring and basement constructions in building construction projects where the soil and ground level needs to be lowered and removed to get space.

We use the latest technology to maximize the strength of your future buildings while creating a solid and stable basements and foundations.

Concrete Piling and Shoring

Houses & Buildings

Conncrete piling for houses and buildings where the earth is not stable.

Tall Buildings & Structures

Required reinforcements to the foundation of tall buildings, towers and structures .

Unstable Lands and Places

For the constructions in unstable lands such as watery places, river banks and high grounds.

Shoring for Basements

Shoring for basements, underground parking spaces and locations where the earth must be removed to a certain depth.


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